Tired of Marathons? Try The Tough Mudder Event

In the field of athletics, there are your standard physical challenges.  These might be things like running a 5k, a marathon, biking 100 miles, or doing a triathlon.  While all these events do take discipline, for some, they are simply too boring as they are monotonous and have been done by thousands of people.  If you want to challenge yo Tough Mudder urself but are bored with these options, you might consider the Tough Mudder event.

What is this type of challenge?

This challenge is normally a 7 to 12 mile course that must be overcome.  It’s generally on rough terrain, possibly muddy, with a number of military style obstacles that you have to get through.  The idea is to make the conditions extremely difficult so that only the roughest and toughest around are able to complete the course.  Unlike the traditional challenges, things like completion time and being the first done doesn’t matter.  There is a focus on teamwork and getting things done as a group as well.  Winning is completion.

Why was the Tough Mudder created?

The Tough Mudder was created because there is not an event in America that tests toughness, fitness, strength, stamina and mental grit all in one place and all in one day. Sure, there are a few that will test these things – for thousands of dollars and a week of your life. But in one day in one location? We don’t think so. Other mud runs like the Muddy Buddy series? Forget it – unless you want to run alongside your 60-year-old grandmother. Tough Mudder is a truly exceptional event for truly exceptional people. Fair weather runners should stay at home.

How can I participate in an event like this?

These Tough Mudder events take place all around the world in North America, Japan, Australian, and the United Kingdom.  Before attending the various locations, you will need to complete a short application form and pay for the event.  It’s typically somewhere around $150 if you are sure to sign up on time.

What must be done to train for an event like this?

It’s difficult to train for such an event because most don’t have access to the military style obstacles that you will be facing.  This is why you should focus on endurance and strength building routines as you will need these.  Once you sign up for the event, you will get some information on 16 exercises that you should be proficient at to help you complete the challenge.

If you are an athlete needing to change things up a bit, the Tough Mudder is one challenge that you should seriously consider.  Take a look at the event and see if it’s something that you can do and have fun with at the same time.

The team that I am participating in the Tough Mudder with has pledged to raise $10,000, so please donate whatever amount that you can here.

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