Should You Try The Tough Mudder Or The Warrior Dash?

Tough Mudder Or Warrior Dash

While there are traditional athletic challenges like running a marathon that many competitive athletes enjoy, you might not find this very exciting.  You might want to be part of a high energy and intense challenge that involves multiple athletic skills.  There are such challenges that you can be part of like the Warrior Dash or the Tough Mudder.  These two events are extreme challenges that involve going long distances through difficult obstacles that must be climbed over and pushed through to succeed.  What’s the difference between these events?

Difficulty of Each Event:

Both the Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder are difficult to complete.  The Tough Mudder is a much longer race in terms of miles with fairly similar obstacles.  If you want to try out one for the first time the Warrior Dash is shorter is distance making it an easier challenge to complete.


The Warrior Dash is a competitive event.  You have a tracker that you carry with you that measures how much time it takes you to complete the entire course.  There are winners and losers.  In the Tough Mudder, time is not very important.  There is more of a focus on getting the course completed as well as helping those who might be struggling.  Group effort is encouraged and is part of the overall philosophy of the event.  If you want an individual challenge, the Warrior Dash better fits you.


The Warrior Dash is not quite as popular so most of the events outside of the one in Australia take place in the United States.  The Tough Mudder has a variety of events all across numerous countries around the world although most are still in North America.


Both events have a favorite charity that they support; the Warrior Dash supports Green Sneakers, which provides organizations environmentally friendly fundraising opportunities, and the Tough Mudder supports the Wounded Warrior Project, which provides assistance to U.S. war veterans beyond what the government can provide.

Unique Characteristics:

While there might be some who do this at both events, you will notice many at the Warrior Dash who dress up in costumes for the race.  This isn’t done to make it less serious but to add a bit of flair to the overall challenge.  The Tough Mudder has a pledge and mentality that you are to agree to before racing.  This pledge and overall race philosophy is something that you have to keep in mind the entire time.

The team that I am participating in the Tough Mudder with has pledged to raise $10,000, so please donate whatever amount that you can here (donations have been closed).

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1 sullivan June 29, 2011

did both and liked them both for different reasons. Tough Mudder just had a real good feel to it.. Brutal but when you complete it with the help of your mates, you’re on top of the world. Very dificult…

Warrior Dash was actually fun and could be done individually. Good times. Not the same feeling of accomplishment though.


2 Roderick Meadows June 29, 2011

Sullivan, I just completed the Tough Mudder this past Saturday and you are right it was tough as hell so I felt that sense of accomplishment. I am participating in the Warrior Dash the last Saturday of July, so I will let you know what I think of it.


3 Phillip C. July 31, 2011

Great comparison of the two races, Rod. I’d love to hear your thoughts now that you have completed Warrior Dash. It would also be interesting to compare the Ruckus series of races to WD and TM.


4 Roderick Meadows August 1, 2011

Thanks Phillip; I am putting the finishing touches on a new blog post that does just that.


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